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Iovino Enterprise Partners brings an innovative model to the construction and infrastructure industry that is the product of 35 years of visionary leadership in the construction business. We’ve taken the most successful industry leaders, assembled a world-class team and invested in best-in-class resources to develop a unique business model for accelerating our partners’ success.

Innovation Redefined

Iovino Enterprise Partners turns Iovation into business success. Iovino Enterprise Partners is your trusted business partner, serving industry leaders in the niche construction market. What does Iovation mean to our partners, colleagues, investors, suppliers, industry, world? Simply put, Iovation is innovation, redefined.

Iovation is our blueprint. Led by industry icon Tom Iovino, we invest substantial financial and management resources into our partners’ businesses, enabling them to hone their business strategies and tap into best-in-class resources in key areas such as finance, technology, human resources, compliance and legal. Infused with our strategic leadership and expertise, our partners are empowered to focus on serving their customers and growing their businesses, while learning and applying best practices in all areas of their operations. We are your trusted management partners.

Our “family of companies” concept empowers entrepreneurial partners to focus on delivering value to their customers and accelerates their success through relationship-driven, best-in-class expertise in management, financial, technology, human resources, compliance and legal.

While each entrepreneurial partner brings its own unique personality and style, our culture is rooted in a common vision and set of values: respect, care and development for all colleagues regardless of position, a team-first culture, and a commitment to make a difference in the communities we serve.


Iovino Enterprise Partners – Invested in you

We Are




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Thomas Iovino is a successful entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience as a visionary leader in the construction and infrastructure industry. Most recently serving as Chief Executive Officer of OHL North America, one of the region’s leading construction firms and a major unit of the OHL Group headquartered in Madrid, Spain, Tom Iovino oversaw the construction activities of OHL North America and its divisions, including Judlau Contracting, Inc. (which he founded in 1981), OHL USA, OHL Canada, Community Asphalt, OHL Building and OHL Arellano. Thomas Iovino is also the founder and CEO of several successful niche contracting companies, including J-Track, LLC and J-Track Central, TC Electric, LLC, and Welkin Mechanical, LLC. These companies perform track, signal, mechanical and environmental remediation work, respectively.

Concurrently, Tom Iovino is a member of the World Presidents’ Organization, the Chief Executives Organization and Construction Industry Roundtable. He is also a member of The Moles, a fraternal organization of the heavy construction industry, through which Tom was honored with the prestigious 2012 Moles Member Award for outstanding achievements in construction. Tom is also a Trustee on the Board of Directors of the Norton Museum in Palm Beach.

Tom received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering from RPI and is a registered Professional Engineer in New York. 

Tom Iovino
Executive Team
Richard Riccardi


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Richard Riccardi joined Iovino Enterprises in 2019, bringing over a background of 10 years in public accounting, specializing in the construction industry. Richard oversaw audit and attest engagements from start-up contractors to some of the largest contractors in New York, handling various complex transactions and situations. Richard has presented at various conferences and training events as well as published articles in the construction space.

In his time at Iovino, he has grown to take the lead on all of the accounting and the financial reporting for the Iovino family of companies. Richard has strived to become a trusted advisor to the affiliated companies. In addition, Richard is a Certified Public Accounting (CPA) in New York State and one of few Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals (CCIFP) in the country.

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Bob Squillante
Mitch Levine
Mitch Levine


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Mitch Levine joined Iovino Enterprises Partners (IEP) in 2020 as Chief Business Development Officer & Corporate Liaison and is responsible for leading the business development and estimating teams for Iovino Enterprises’ family of companies. Mitch brings over 50 years of diverse experience, including successfully leading J-Track LLC, an Iovino family of companies, for 13 years. Mitch served two Vietnam tours in the U.S. Marine Corp. before becoming a track laborer and rising through the ranks to become co-owner and President of J-Track. Before that, he was VP at Railworks Transit, responsible for overseeing $50 million annually in civil, architectural and track projects. Previously, Mitch was President of M-Track Enterprises, after serving as Chief Operating Officer and General Superintendent. Over the past 5 decades, Mitch has developed numerous industry relationships spanning electrical, mechanical, civil and general contracting, earning the trust and respect of his peers, as well as a hard-earned reputation for quality work and outstanding leadership. In 2021, Mitch was notably inducted into “The Moles,” a fraternal organization for the heavy construction industry, considered one of the world’s most prestigious organizations of its kind.

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Robert Seneca brings over 20 years of Human Resource experience to Iovino Enterprises Partners. A trusted adviser to senior leaders, Robert has a high-touch philosophy to HR with a history of success aligning talent and business strategy to achieve organizational transformation, drive change, support rapid growth/expansion, and maximize utilization of employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction. Certified as a Great Place to Work, we focus on employee engagement across all employee experiences, from hire-to-retire.

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Robert Seneca


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Our family of companies is led by our parent organization, Iovino Enterprises, LLC, under the leadership of Thomas Iovino. With over 15 years of experience, our heavy civil and specialty contracting businesses have developed and maintained our nation’s infrastructure, establishing themselves among the country’s most reputable contractors.

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Join our family of companies.

We partner with leaders in niche construction businesses in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States, nurturing entrepreneurial partners who have a passion and vision for building something great. We help transform visions into reality by investing in our partners’ success. Dream big…we’ve got your back!



Build Something 

Iovino Enterprise Partners is a home for curious, innovative and driven people who want to change how construction, one of the oldest businesses in the world, operates in the modern economy. Our culture is rooted in a common vision and set of values: respect, care and development for all colleagues regardless of position, a team-first culture, and a commitment to make a difference in our communities. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for making a difference and a desire to learn, have fun and build something meaningful, consider joining our family!

Potential Employees



Want to learn from a best-in-class visionary leader in the construction industry? Do you yearn for the opportunity for your ideas to be heard and to make a difference in the lives of the customers you serve? Then consider an internship with us.

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